Turning Drunky’s Junkyard BBQ Signs Into Works of Art

Turning Drunky's Junkyard BBQ Signs Into Works of Art

Turning Drunky's Junkyard BBQ Signs Into Works of Art

It was a true delight to team up with Drunky's Junkyard BBQ in Spokane, Washington, to create the most captivating and edgy signage and posters. Not only was it exciting working with a business that champions creativity and innovation, but also being given the creative freedom to come up with something completely unique in the signage industry.

Getting Started

The first step was to acquaint myself with their branding colors and slogans. Drunky's Junkyard BBQ has an instantly recognizable brand that is all about fun, sassiness, and liveliness. Their use of bold colors like green, white, and yellow with a touch of copper and rustic brown gave me an unlimited design options.

Branding Concepts

My first move was to take note of their branding concepts and incorporate that into their signage and posters. Initially, we identified that the messaging needed to be loud and clear to attract customers within the busy Spokane roads. Therefore, I ensured the posters had very bold and straightforward wording while introducing some of the quirky lingo used at the BBQ joint.

More than food

Since Drunky's Junkyard BBQ is already a mecca for quality food and refreshments, we wanted to ensure that the signage and posters highlighted their high-quality offerings. So I added high-resolution images of their menu items, accompanied by a tantalizing description of the dishes and their prices.

Calls to Action

Throughout the signage and posters, I included special call-to-action messages to invite customers to visit and experience delicious BBQ meals, cold drinks, and an atmosphere that is unrivaled in town. The posters and signage made the customers long to taste the food, with its enticing display of the dishes that showcased the textures and scents of the spices and flavors used on the food.

Fun and informative

It took some effort to achieve the right balance of illustrations and informational details, but overall the signage and posters turned out edgy and whimsical. The hues and typography worked collectively to create a narrative to potential customers that Drunky's Junkyard BBQ is a place to unwind, enjoy, and share unforgettable moments with loved ones.

That's a Wrap!

In the end, the signage and posters we created for Drunky's Junkyard BBQ successfully communicated the brand's message and attracted potential customers to the food truck. By utilizing branding colors and slogans into the design, we were able to give the BBQ joint a noticeable identity in the busy streets of Spokane. It was a fantastic collaboration, and I’m glad I got the chance to be part of the project. It was fascinating to see how much a well-thought-out and designed signage can attract people and lead to purchases. Thanks, Drunky's Junkyard BBQ, for the opportunity to work with you!